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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  June 27, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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i mean -- every game something's going on. >> look at them. this is the pride. you know? wanted to end up the last match an other teams have done, asell. morocc peru. but it's amazing how germany just was withou energy today. >> today is thank you, south orea. thank definitely. because of what you did in the pitch. the effort. regardless of what your coach said, 1% chance of winning this ame, you went out there and played your hearts out and won >> congratulions. >> sw and mexico go through. the number one team in the world done here at the worl 2018 fifa world cup today on fox
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prented by volkswagen. we weome you quickly iide the mos studio here. day 14 began with mexico. on top of group f. germany was in second. a major shake-up today. sweden goes f third to first. mexico for the seventh straight world cup,ba they head to the round of 16. ermany's streak of advancing from the group stage at every world cup since 1954 is over. this is why you must watch every single game from this world cup. i think you nailed it. this is shaping up to be the best world cup in the history of this tournament. here's the reality tv. >> show me the person that predicted this. show yourself. i want to see the person that prediblgt edicted this kind of stuff. every day providing the drama
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and the entertainment. i mean, in our sdio, around the world, here at red square, everybody riveted, glued to the television sethi wng going back and forthhe between t two games. goin and out, var, everything. wonderntl! >> two gamo the day. tunhtnd w h ave twoer l spatotsp for grabs. still in action later.brazil's but the big story here, clarence, mexico and sweden. give sweden a ton of credit. they set a tone and sid we're not sitting back for the draw. we'll get the three points. >> absoertely. they w more aggressive than i expected. bu thentill they were very ense no.d on d space to the mexican team and the set dangerous with pieces and getting balls in the box. but mostly what i seen today is this team could be a danger fort up. i saw some quality plays, good
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moments.ns, some sweden has given me somethingo look forw. d >> i was expecting more from mexico. we were asking for ball possession. they did have ball possession and didn't take them anywhere. i mean, n they were as aggressive as sweden. they were not any a little bit of dangous in sweden's area. and i mean, sweden justid wh mexico was supposed to do in this game. take control of the ll, the game. go deep into the mexico's areae and dangerous. >>weden, playing with confidence. mexico, all right, you got away with one here and right back where you needed to beevand whee playing a possible fifth game s first two games you use them, learn from the g thirdme it's a great images of hoa and chicharito, lefting them up. see heads, vela just a little
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down. osorio. looked like he's battling somei ess today. and now it's time to lift -- >>ou can see crying there. di't have a great game there today. he wonfi hisdence from juan carlos osorio. put him in. >> own goal in the 74th minute. made it 3-0. >> survive and advance. that's what you did, mexico. let the tears go out for a little bit longer but you have more soccer your way. you may have lost this battle but the war is still out there to be won. mexicoext up for them, monday they're going to take on your group e winner. sweden, group f champion tuesday in st. petersburg. this mexican fan base has been outstanding here in russia. ochoa recognizing them andli
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ng them, guys, it's yur tickets. we'll be there on mony. sweden is your group e winner. that's a typo mexico is g e runner-up. happens -- i'm what they take on the group e winner, mexico. >> come on, baby! .> day 14. that's what hap theavy is the headt wears the crown. the trend germany becoming the thirdt str defending champion to be eliminated in the group stage and the fourth in the last five world cups. germany had reached theay last d of every world cup since back to 1954 going to the groupst e. now that streak is over. sweden came out with ase purpo
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they got three p el tree and utre t a t.firs chance to move on today. d theyidn't. but they get a stunning 2-0 victory. over manual neuer and the defending champs of germa the goal stood. south korea celebrates. germans go home t, from estrella. pa arriba! to the stars of the mexican national team. pa abajo!! to the stars that know you don't get here by luck but afr years of dedication. to the stars that know you don'al centro! by luck to the s wrs that bleed green,te and red. pa dentro! we are all ir this together, no matteat! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only prium mexican cerveza proud to be the officiio beer of the mexicannal team.
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2018 w fifaorld cup on fox is sponsored by -- fourth straight world cup scene he sweden advances group play and they do it as the gro f winner. they're in actio next tuesday place team of groersus second germany continues that trend of defending champs being bounced far too early at a world cup. so mexo goes to this side of ade bracket. looks pretty lo already. argentina, france,portugal,
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uruguay is there. mteico will learnr today who they will face. sweden waiting for the group b runner-up. the headliner in that group, swain, krcroatia. iter today find out two more round of 16 spots. serbia,, brazil switzerland. all alive. those games on fox, fs1 and anywhere on the fox sports app. elree survive and advance. we'll take a quick break on world cup coverage, though, continueon fs1. (friend) yet ano'r reminder.
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♪ all right. day 14 of world cup coverage. this is special coverage here on fox5s. this iay three our coverage. legendary hal of famer john barnes and we've got a lot toau break downse today -- >> wha a morning. >>hat a morning it was. >> yeah. >> absolutel unexpected and that's what we love about the world cup, right? >> we love to be surpris >> yeah. >> that's the number one thing. especially this world cup. >> surprises. >> first game sweden/mexico. myhoodness they're going on what a game. anything this world c has unexpected and always be epared every single game.
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watch thesede games swe came plan.h a game can we haveec the sd tallest the air.he world cupin? compee we fight and battle set pieces get on the end of the ball. mexico looked sloppy if anything ess in mexicowea right now. >> sweden not only had to win but a goal givers shall p iblem much this big. >> huge. nobody, nobody i tell you would have eve put money on this happenin because. >> except the swedish, of cour e course. >> the swedish fans, you're right. >> they tho to win. were going >> exactly. >> let's go over these goals. we saw quite a andventure for sweden who made it three-zero that last goal, though, that was ki of a mex goal on their own -- that's the stres and the pressure and ctainly you compromise the opposition when you compromis the other team, then you're always going to geti thosebilities getting the on goal and putting them in tough spots. look sweden they pushed game, and for the first time ever did not make changes in his
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lineup. they show up here it's as. complete defensively or just across the board. >> i think certainly on the fullbacksw having yello cards early on in the game puts players like i'm in trouble here. and so now there's a little bit of a cautious approach from mexico early on sweden took advantage of that playing just efficient soccer they didn't play great soccer sweden we were talkin about this sweden played better against germany than the way they performed today as aam te but they got the results. when you put t the ball onhe back of the net doha t. they compromised the back line ofexico and t be fair, up ry good.uffveighty three was not >> let's talk game plan with mexico. mentalityo they go into the game all they needed was a tie. notin expectg a lot. big result. >> i think there was signs ohe
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pedal, you know a little bit off the gas medal and not pushing th game, and i mean honestly i was just disappoted b their collective as gromances not they didn't win their one-on-one sweden not the best technical soccer players in the world this world cup, but -- >> we saw dirtycs t there on the field. you've played against mexico many, many tim. historically how does team mexico -- >> i knew she was going to bring that. up play? are the dirty on thelly field. is that at reputation thahey carry. >> in our day, i've experienced a lot of off the ball shenanigans, youe know, stepping on the foot, thein kick the pulling of the hair, the jersey stuff, everything, even spitting to some extent. but that happens with my nations and that's the frustration and the panic button that a lot of teams they haveth. they don't deal with it well. and traditionally they've been a veryggressive team. very aggressive team. and i don't know if they wanted oto pull that today but it
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didn't work. >> john, reflect for a moment here about how you feel about mexico dancing because obviously they're part of theth american -- >> rivalry. >> rivalry. our biggest arrivals, but, you know, we've got a lot of mexicans that live here in the d.c. area very excited about them moving o >> sure look, i'm not big supporter of mexico after playing for thef u.s. course. >> putting that badge on you put that crest next to your heart. you h the passion and pride of playing for your country so rivalry is a rivalry. that's great. i'm not going t have any disinterest towards any mexican americans i've have great friends that are mexican. i'm not going to t supportheir team. i'm still diss appointed and we have to plan ahead the what are we going to do for 2022 the us has to get back to that world stage. absolutely. sappointment we're not playing 2018. >> absolutely. >> that was game number one. let's tk about name number two the result equally surprising, >> the germans what happened?
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>> well, if you remember the first day we wereoing thi show here, we all sat under that tent and we talked about germahe grmany, ay going to defend this title? i said, well, it hasn't happened since brazil did it back in '58 and '62. that's gone. that title soll going t stand with brazil. they cannot wi it and now it's the first time that ty're out of the group stage ever in the history of the game. they came inith this sort of swagger but it was arrogance, and unfortunately, they didn't have the connectivity on theu field. could see it. the mueller was on the bench today. he was a fantastic goal scorer. leading goal scorer for their am in the world cup. >> tony cru good fantastic player. could he do it on his own in middle field? to m i think yogi relax add little bit as a tactical tactics. gdidn't it right and in the combination. should have marco royce in the first game they didn't they brought him on the second and third. >> we saw the defensive line really break dow at the end.
12:21 pm
at the last expected when you saw last gameny germa pulled through iinute 96th scoring that goal that helped them get that one point much this game they break down completely a they allow south korea s tore on them twice. >> you bng up a great point, marina. tony cruz last ginuteoal actually masked a lot of the problems forger manny it covered up lot. we all -- everybody went wow, this is great. and whether you're a german national teaman or not, it's exciting. and so it covered up a lot of weakne ges win theirroup. not havinen the cr back in ande being suspended hummels missing the opportunityp after otunity it was crazy. >> we got big games this afternoon. we'll preview those but tell me what the difference is going tob be here betweeneing the number one and number two seed? mexico probably going to earn with brazil? >> that's a big o. >> the winners up obviously playing the opposite winners of the group there's a thought process that goes into that. i can tell you one t that's
12:22 pm
on their mind right now, though, th mexico tnd swehey are going to prepare like crazy for that next game because they know they've slipped up. they know that they let their foot off the pedal a littleai bt andd to themselves, we can't let that creep in complacency cannot creep in for mexico no matter who theet play. her be brazil or -- it doesn't matter. >> saudi will have to make serious changes this time around because this doesn't work. >> w mig need to send outlove to help him out. >> you want to make seriouss changes going to change. he is going to change, and i don't know where those chaoes are going come right now but we'll have to reassess that for >> when we come back heading out yuhe w at oneree w of those hott parties. >> mike thomas is a outt another soccer camp. we'll check in with coming up right after the break. ♪
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all right. welcom back. live coverage here wld cup day number three for us with oup worl special, and having a great time out here just talking about we'll take a lk at some trophies coming up here. >> yes, we will. good hardware here. >> first let's talk watch par john. what is one of your favorite places to hang out. >> dock fcithout a doubt. the food a fantastic and the atmosphere and the environdnt. >> so many soccer bars here in the district. the big big gam serbia brazil we were talkingbout the standings during the break. anything could happe and brazil could end up in a similar germany position no one expects them not to advance, but that is a possibility. >>eah. dook, i mean, there somre a parallels with brazil's situation right now, andt lookig at tha leading nay march with argentina. >> he was injured, right. >> and diegon mat don a talking about messi,essi, messi showed up again yesterday in the 14th minute and gets a goal. you need somebody from brazil to stand up in this matchup,
12:26 pm
because it's anybody's game in this group. i mean, serbia, switzerland shown chef the resilience to play through.he shakira goal scorers that they have. this is going to bege challen today for brazil. at thatclosely coming up aftere break. >> speaking of the watch party let's toss it out to annie yu and get the latest. hey, annie. [ eers and applause ] >> hey, guys. wow!! you shoul h heard the crowd here for the early games when they realized mexicoed and en were advancing. kore scoring two points. two goals. and i've got my diehards here, all right all right. we got our korea fans. south korea. whoo!? >> reporter: all right. and john you mentioned docfc is your spot. ther miss youe. we're on the street as you were out here yesterday. i also ran into judith of d.c.
12:27 pm
united what ao coincidence t run into you here. >> you have been watching the games vsey clo as a fan, big into soccer circles of course. which game have you been watching especially closely. >> the germany/south korea game were you amazing. south korea had nhing to pla for but they played with -- for their country and knocking out germany ich is a huge deal in this world cup. amazing times. >> reporter: and so everyone is watching theerbia -- serbi serbia/brazil game you mention to doe earlier that you are rooting for brazil. why? >> brazil is dear to my heart. i love them since i was lik five years old. so i'm looking fward i hope that they win at least tie to get through for sure. >> reporter: okay. for the serbia fans out there what is their advantage in this game. >> i mean it's a very goom. all their players played professional until europe. it's amazing group and brazil t has agh task to get through, pebut -- that's thecial thing about this world cupha everybody got to play that third game to gette through. >> rr: that's right. okay. so c i get a final go brazilm
12:28 pm
here from brazil?o >> g brazil! r >>eporter: any serbia fans? go, serbia. the back there. and then of course we got our south korea fans here. [ cheers and applause ] >> one more time. >> all right. and then we'veot our docfc fans here. hn, they want to see you back hereo soon. ba you guys. ♪ >> all right. >> oh, man. >> there's a party. that is a total party. you got everybody there. united nations downhere, thanks annie. >> i absolutely love the fact their koreans down there celebrating. they're not advancing but having a gre t. >> coming we'll go to another soccer camp. georgetown day school my hanging out down there and we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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12:31 pm
>> all right. we keep talking b about howig the youth level, the kids. i mean they really both men, girls and boys they love it. >>h, yeah. mean, upping, weeed to preserve and h direct. it's almost like germany is going to have to do now. we have to do the rebooting here as well. making suree're giving a platform for these kids to do well and really, you know, become part of our >> geady for 2026.e' >> johve been working towards that for 30 plus years since you were a younger man.
12:32 pm
what is the one thi.s the u needs to do to make thatelurn? l, thank you tucker for saying i'm still a younger man. i could have sworn you said th g that. hter ] >> no. i just think putting the right scouting in, pyou know, having full-time coaches at the youth level for the national am process and getting these kids identified ely canns and say we'll build soccer players if y're not identifying and giving opportunities to theids that can't afford to playn those organized leagues. >> so young rights. >> absolutely. the costs have gone up, and probably matching every other sport now in america at the yoosh level thets here like baseball and football. american football that isim butt the sae you got to get the players through. you go the to help them succeed. my dad used to tow like 12, 14 guys in hisve car and them to training every day and pick them up. >> whatever it takes. >> a lot of parents like you this summer. mike thomas at georgetown day prepith pretty cool summer camp out the. hey, mike. >> repter: hey, marina. we're having a great time out here at georgetown day school as
12:33 pm
you mentionedt the girls soccer academy. soccer camp. and that's run by this man right here this is khaled. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you f too. thanks having us out today. i got a question. i just started t watching world cup. i'm getting into it. positioning.rn about i'm hearing striker a sweeper.wu for me and the folks at home. >> sure. striker's job to score goals plain and simple they stay up top, get the ball, find the net and score for the team. sweepers sitacn the b and last one a sweeper who sweepshe the back line mak n sureo one goes through. >> okay. inollege when i played it was just throw the ball out there d run after it. >> right. everybody has their own job, on roll and work hgether and that'sow it work. >> reporter: what are we looking at here behind us. >> groups of kids playing smaller side everybody has the same roles. grikers t to score and this side here and defenders the ones in the last line the defends. strikers right therete running
12:34 pm
r the ball trying to score. >> reporter: we py rain or shine out here, guys. a >> daynd night no matter what. >> reporter: tell me about t girls academy because this is specifically f the gir right. >> girls academy is only f girls. we do that tew d.c. soccer club in the area we washington with the club to make sure that the kids get as mrahining as they can. specialized training with the environment they feel lik they're in control and all for them and they get the best training they can get. ch if i'm watg at home and i say this looks great fug my hter she wants to play, she's watching the world cup. how can i get info forus that? >> you ct go to website girls and yout can look all the information and also the dc and that'b where our has all the information about kids playing year round. muddle per: i'll you on the spot with two questions. >> sure. serbia a brazil gamet 2:00 o'clock. who wins, what's thecore? >> brazil twoero. >> brazil two-zero. you heard it fr the man here. now, germany g ise. they just got eliminated. >> ouch. >> new world cup champion. who it going to be.
12:35 pm
>> it's going to be repeat. it's going to be spain. >> it's going to be spain. >> all right, guys, you have it here. girlsk academy. you so much for having us out today thanks for coming out. >> guys are having ae blast rain or shine get out and play soccer. have some fun. i'll send it back to you at rfk. >> thanks, mik. >> john, you get out to thece cp onn awhile. playing in i grew up some camps obviously but ie couldn't avenuor the big camp camps with pell lay and beckham. i would just sneak in as a would ball boy ever onceil ine. >> awesome to see girlss soccera huge thing. >> the girls and women's program have dictate world for years and it all started back in '91n they wo the first world cup. friends o mboin gerewre atdy braddheock up road youth e success. weontinue to do that o the women's side which is awesome. nd quick congratulations to your daughter. we'llalk about that. >> mclean, yeah. h >> mclad a big game.
12:36 pm
>> coming up after the break we're going to preview the big game this afternoon, brazil and serbia. john will tell you who is going to w♪. ♪
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
welcomeack. all right. brazil serbia this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. marina. what do we think it? looks like brazil is doing fine.
12:39 pm
you never know. hachma gs wlet'hange for sure. i think shakira for winner agait might be down but at the same time they want to fight. really want a fight against brazil. >> is nay march going to show >> he had a groin i he's had a little -- he hasn't shown up will. >> iyo iuf mean the other mease could be on gabriel jesus the strikeroreman chester city throughout the season everybody thought he was goingo come in here and be the goldenr boot award winnee hasn't really scored threa between he and namar a lot of e guys need to step up. >> i've gotlln observation. me what i'm seeing is true. firstllf a it seems like remember hack key shack back in the day shack of time he touches the ball. i feel like every time namhear toucthe ball he gets knocked down. a is that true observation. >> i think it's extreme in terms of an observe. i think he's be ride ago lot of tackles at times eats of he's been targeted.
12:40 pm
ink do thi their percentage where he's embellishin embellisg and acting the injury. some referees buy into that and some don't h. how influentiale be as one of the world'ings best at this point in time? i hope theauy yu don't want to see that at all. >> the fans showed up to the world cup fans as always right there. f >> imporor beth brazil and costa rica. ♪ costa. with the dagger. lstwo i time. that's what gets it doneor brazil. so much at stake here. get to the box.
12:41 pm
you got it.d switze has tied it up. th t ishe moment for shakiri, yes, it is. switzerland scored in the 98th minute. thank y for that. it's been awhile. >> they're the standings. >> jn realuick. so anything could reallyhe happn with exception of costa rica they're o. >> ofourse. again, we always talk about pr. somethingere.ll want to do i think kendall watson tac centk was saying he wants to shut down shakii as best he ca. they have everything to play for. get after brazil and squeeze the threat them get comfortable.t >> they probably have a big meal. erinkipraomli cano desserts. hey, erin. >> ♪
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♪ we are less than two hours away from the start of brazil versus serbia right here on fox5 and today we t g aaste oetref some brazilian desserts. joining me in the kitchen that june and raque from june b suite located in chief see chase much this the mos beautiful dispeetsering dswplay sweets >> thank you. >> oh, erin, such an honor to be here with youoday and s a little bit of taste of brazil.
12:45 pm
>> tell us what u've brought in tod >> okay. well, as you know, amerins absolutely love brownies and cupcakes. >> can't go wrong with the sweets. >> exactly. so here what we have today is brig r dareows. just like chips. >>undancy. really amazing truffles, right.. >> yes absolutely. so the idea of brigadier was created back in 1940 wsn brazil a military and the consisting of the brigadier the tradition it's -- >> this is traditional. >> tradition one. >> i'm going to try this. >> absolutely. >> i cannot wait. and tl usbout this really impressive world cup that you have win. >> oh, this isou so preci erin -- >> my gosh. e a moment to enjoy the >> this is actua the real trophy from 1994 when brazil won
12:46 pm
the cup in the land of the united state and back then the fifalives b the real trophy which it holds by the soccer confederation and thea replicoes to the president of brazil. back then and lucky enough my son four years old back then got r life.autiful trophy to carryfo >> what an honor. >> i know. i know. it looks beautiful there. are you excited for the brazil game today. >> very excited. >> actually, i will stop forer evhing. >> we need to cheers. this is traditional brazilian soda, right. >> it's a fruit from the amazon. it has ginger, very sparkly>>. between that and this incredibles treat, this i amazing. >> oh, thank you so mucho .
12:47 pm
>> sny different flavors. pistachio is one of yourvo rite. >> pistachio is one of my favorite one. we brought dark chocolate pistachio, lemon the tditional one, coconut. that's a brigadier. we have passion fruit natural fruit from brazil and the coff coffee. >> coffee. i'll keep for h later. youe this beautiful display of the sngbian flags with the soccer, the refs and brazilian flag. thank you very much. visit june b. sweet right in chevy chase check out these amazing treats. go brazilgo. luck in the game versus serbia and keep it to fox5. our world cup pre-show continues. we'lle right back. >> go, brazil! >> i'm going to finish this. thank you, erin. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
12:48 pm
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♪ all right we are bac good folks at d.c. unitedfi outing us look good, don't we. marketing. >> thanks so much. >> lindsay, let's toukr resume'. not are you vp much but big soccer player yourself. >> plad at the university of maryland. been in the game my wholl life it'sy fun to stay on the soccer field every day for work. >> all right. >> no kidding. 's get down to what will be happening with d.c. united you guys got lots o eiting things happening here in the we gn a winning streak mo iortantly our new stadium stadium.ta >> i think most intly we're all really excited to filly come home we've been on the road since march so it's been a lot of miles, a lot of hotel nights but we couldn't be mor excited about audi field. when i go over there, every day,
12:51 pm
every couple of days it's amae amazing just how much ial al beautiful stadium whenr you walk in you're just awe b how exciting, how loud it's going to be. how much energy is going to be --om >> it will be h right. >> it will be home for the first timee have our own home. >> yes. that's right. >> what can fans really expect for shis newtadium. >> you can expect to really loud the way that it was built, it goes pretty m straight up that makes for really intimate environment so it doesn't matten where in the bg you stand or sit, you look down and the guys are right next to you. >> it'smaller than rfk. >> in a good way. >> exactly. >> in very good way because it makeset intimat you won't see empty seats. you'llee a really vibrant fan base everyone is going to b crowded together. and theheay that roof is built it will keepoi that n in. so that it's going to be reallyu reald and really give united h field advantage. >> tell everybody at home whoes n't know again opening weekend will be july 14t 14th. ainst the vancouver white caps caps. >> are their tickets available or sold out. >> not many tickets are available. >> that's good.
12:52 pm
>> some still in the secondary markets i encourageans to buy them. ongamigow g at you cano this pointea is byson tickets. so if y --f you buy season tickets they're sti handful of season tickets left. they're available o fort rest of the game. 15 home games at audi field between now and october. >> come on those tickets will go a long way. >> fans have a lot of opportunity to see d.c. united. >> thank you so much lindsay. >>s.hank you we'll wrap it upcoming up our preprepredictions for the after games. ♪
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
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♪ll right. a couple seconds left john who will win thiser afton. >> it's going to be a tie with brazil, one-one.
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